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About us.

Woodrat Outdoors
Published by Woodrat in about · 6 January 2021
We are a family that spends all our free time in the outdoors. We enjoy fishing, hunting, camping and anything that will get us outside. We would go to the mountains to go camping every other weekend with friends and family; they were tons of fun. My daughter would talk about her time on the mountain to all her friends about how much fun she had. Furthermore, we would go to the local rivers and lakes to go fishing and swimming, and during the winter, we would go snowshoeing on the local trails. Then we had a little set back for I had a near-fatal  stroke that left me paralyzed on my right side, but that did not stop us from going on our outdoor adventures. It took a little more effort, but we got it done.
Now I am building this site to show people with disabilities that you can enjoy the outdoors with a little effort.  

Get out and ENJOY the great OUTDOORS
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